First of all, I don’t know if Theresa is real or not. I DO KNOW that Ron Tebo is a complete FAKE in everything he says he is and does. The man is so desperate to be on TV and pretend to be a somebody, he will say anything to anyone who listens. Maybe Ron is the one who should be investigated. This is a man who started off by supposedly trying to find his molester some 40 years prior. Google “finding Butch” and you’ll see what I mean. So apparently this man walked around daily with a video camera to tape the magic moment when he confronts his and his sisters molester.  Where’s your proof this happened in the first place Ron? Did you bully and harass that man so he’d admit anything just to shut you up? Or was that a man you know and plotted to get him to act like your molester? Why should anyone believe him if he has no proof it actually happened? Why didn’t you film the act Ron? Just like when people get attacked they don’t film it so it’s fake right? And before anyone bash’s me for calling poor Ronnie boy out, IF he was molested, do you really think he would be so evil to post on his front page of his PATHETIC website about my children’s alleged abuse which happened Ten years prior in graphic detail? And yet he couldn’t even use his common sense to look at the date the post was written on an abuse help page (which he dug up from the internet) and claimed all my paranormal problems (which he claimed as fake) were due to depression because of the ongoing abuse in  the household…WRONG!  A lot happens in Ten years Ron, since that post I had been remarried to a wonderful man and had Three more kids. Life was good!! And now this man is calling himself a Private Investigator? LOL!!!!!   Did he actually quit his daytime job of being a magician and trying to sell how to video’s? People, Ron Tebo is a FAKE and a FRAUD himself. Look at his Scifake website and in minutes you’ll see what a joke this man is and his “followers” but be warned, It’s kindergarten all over again. If Ron thinks something is fake (even with no proof of his own) then you better side with him or else! He has no proof himself other than because he says so and thinks he’s solved the mystery!! He doesn’t want to believe and therefore EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING IS FAKE TO HIM when in actuality, HE IS THE ONE WHO IS FAKE. Please don’t give this man any more TV time or his fat little head will explode!

 Ron Tebo is nothing but a fake himself and a bully. This is a man who threatens and stalks those who have been on TV simply so he can try to ride their coattails to his so called fame status. Half of the people on his site are himself and his partner in crime. They even tried to create a female Facebook page and befriend my husband. The man is sick and dangerous and needs HELP not fame. He constantly said he’d proved our story was a fake on his website but not once did he offer any of his evidence and yet I gladly offered mine including hospital records from attacks. It’s fine for him not to believe in paranormal but to attack people the way he does to the point of harassment and threats is not okay. He takes cyber bullying to another level. And I would hope that every news article or interviewer who has used anything Ron Tebo has said will immediately delete their stories and not give this man and his SICK website anymore attention.

P.S.. I still have ALL emails sent from Ron Tebo to PROVE his true character. 🙂   ….( I was the crazy mom he references telling her kids we had a demon in our house.. FALSE!!!!)