First of all, I don’t know if Theresa is real or not. I DO KNOW that Ron Tebo is a complete FAKE in everything he says he is and does. The man is so desperate to be on TV and pretend to be a somebody, he will say anything to anyone who listens. Maybe Ron is the one who should be investigated. This is a man who started off by supposedly trying to find his molester some 40 years prior. Google “finding Butch” and you’ll see what I mean. So apparently this man walked around daily with a video camera to tape the magic moment when he confronts his and his sisters molester.  Where’s your proof this happened in the first place Ron? Did you bully and harass that man so he’d admit anything just to shut you up? Or was that a man you know and plotted to get him to act like your molester? Why should anyone believe him if he has no proof it actually happened? Why didn’t you film the act Ron? Just like when people get attacked they don’t film it so it’s fake right? And before anyone bash’s me for calling poor Ronnie boy out, IF he was molested, do you really think he would be so evil to post on his front page of his PATHETIC website about my children’s alleged abuse which happened Ten years prior in graphic detail? And yet he couldn’t even use his common sense to look at the date the post was written on an abuse help page (which he dug up from the internet) and claimed all my paranormal problems (which he claimed as fake) were due to depression because of the ongoing abuse in  the household…WRONG!  A lot happens in Ten years Ron, since that post I had been remarried to a wonderful man and had Three more kids. Life was good!! And now this man is calling himself a Private Investigator? LOL!!!!!   Did he actually quit his daytime job of being a magician and trying to sell how to video’s? People, Ron Tebo is a FAKE and a FRAUD himself. Look at his Scifake website and in minutes you’ll see what a joke this man is and his “followers” but be warned, It’s kindergarten all over again. If Ron thinks something is fake (even with no proof of his own) then you better side with him or else! He has no proof himself other than because he says so and thinks he’s solved the mystery!! He doesn’t want to believe and therefore EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING IS FAKE TO HIM when in actuality, HE IS THE ONE WHO IS FAKE. Please don’t give this man any more TV time or his fat little head will explode!

 Ron Tebo is nothing but a fake himself and a bully. This is a man who threatens and stalks those who have been on TV simply so he can try to ride their coattails to his so called fame status. Half of the people on his site are himself and his partner in crime. They even tried to create a female Facebook page and befriend my husband. The man is sick and dangerous and needs HELP not fame. He constantly said he’d proved our story was a fake on his website but not once did he offer any of his evidence and yet I gladly offered mine including hospital records from attacks. It’s fine for him not to believe in paranormal but to attack people the way he does to the point of harassment and threats is not okay. He takes cyber bullying to another level. And I would hope that every news article or interviewer who has used anything Ron Tebo has said will immediately delete their stories and not give this man and his SICK website anymore attention.

P.S.. I still have ALL emails sent from Ron Tebo to PROVE his true character. 🙂   ….( I was the crazy mom he references telling her kids we had a demon in our house.. FALSE!!!!)


I was recently featured in a new show called Demon Exorcist on Animal Planet. The show itself was a little disappointing since they didn’t show hardly any of the evidence we had. Nor did it explain what got Dwayne Claud to our house for help in the first place. In all we were very disappointed and decided to write an article about our concerns with the help of the Jackie Tomlin of CVAPI.

A few weeks later, I decided to go and check out a web forum who had a discussion about the show to see if other people thought the way we did and they did. I sat back for a while and watched the questions being asked but only I was the one who had the answers. So I made myself known in the forum. That is how I met Mr. Scifake (Ron Tebo). This man was as rude and obnoxious as he could be from the get go. He didn’t know me, he didn’t know my story but he made a point to tell me that he was going to prove I was a liar. So I told him “happy hunting” I had nothing to hide.

Almost a week later, I was told about an article he had written on his site about me once he couldn’t prove one thing about my story, so I decided to go over and check it out. At first it was rather amusing to see his pathetic, childish, little boy like comments.  And his opinions in which he tried to make as “facts”. As I kept reading, I saw that he added a post I had written in 2006 in a website for abused children and I was asking for help for my two children. This man took that full post in detail and plastered it to his article. He then used that post to make his claim that I was suffering from traumatic events in my life and could in fact be the one making all of our experiences up for attention. He claimed I was delusional and in need of psychiatric help. That is when Mr. Tebo crossed the line.

Not once did this man ask me any questions about this subject, let alone do any of his own research. So I wrote to Mr Tebo and had to point out to him that the post he had plastered in his article was in fact old (2006) and was no longer an issue in our life. I also had to point out that the post he used wasn’t even posted by me on the website he got it from. I also tried explaining this in his forum which is also full of maybe Five or Six robotic morons who worship this man and have sever ignorant attitude problems themselves.  It wasn’t just towards me, it was towards anyone who questions Mr. Tebo as if they were Mr. Tebo himself posing as his followers. Which he has been known to do. The subject went completely off the issue several times and I was constantly being called a liar or told they had proof that I contradicted myself several times. However, when I asked them to show me proof of their claims, they changed the subject once again. During this time, I was also getting rude, obnoxious, emails (sometimes 4 or 5 a day) along with the head investigator of the CVAPI Paranormal Team we used from Mr. Tebo as if he were starting to stalk us. This man became obsessed and was trying a desperate attempt to brainwash me into believing I was a victim of Dwayne Claud (The Demon Exorcist) and Jackie Tomlin (CVAPI).

In his desperate quest to look like he may know what he’s talking about just once, He turned his sites on the Paranormal team and tried to discredit them also to no prevail. Especially when his “source” of information is an ex member of the paranormal team with issues of their own. And once again, anything he tried to accuse me or the paranormal team of doing, we were the ones who had the proof he was wrong.

This entire situation made me start doing my own investigation into him because the more I looked online under his name, the more I could see that this man has made attempt after attempt to get his name known at any cost. From attacking Psychic Kids, Chip Coffey, Ghost Adventurers, and the list goes on and on. To advertising his website called “Finding Butch” and YouTube. I believe he also has another website called He has unfortunately been given a little credit by some major news stations which has featured him on their shows when he supposedly confronted a man who he says abused him and his sister when he was a little boy.

To me, this man looks for people’s coattails to hang on to that may get him a little exposure. And the problem I have with that is the fact that if this is true, How true is his finding butch claim? I myself was raped when I was 12, plenty of people in this world are victims of abuse that are more recent than this man’s claim. But do we strap a camera to our backs and go on the hunt for the ones who hurt us.. especially 40 years later? Who is to say that this man when he was 15 and abused Mr. Tebo and his sister wasn’t being abused himself? Who’s to say that this man didn’t have extensive counseling throughout the years? I’m all for Ron Tebo confronting his abuser if it happened, don’t get me wrong. But why would he go to the extreme of carrying a camera with him? Why would he even care about a camera if it’s true that this man had suffered so much over the years and had finally found his abuser? For a confession on tape to plaster all over YouTube in several different forms? This is a man who took a private, personal post in detail about my own children’s abuse from a website that is about abused children and plastered it to a Paranormal article on his website and claimed I made it public when I wrote for help and therefore it is all access. Now, does this sound like a person who has truly suffered from abuse or does this sound like a man who will stop at nothing for some recognition? How traumatized was this person REALLY? There are even speculations that Ron staged this entire video of confronting his abuser. I guess only he really knows the truth. In my opinion, it would be much more believable had he only stuck to one topic instead of being all over the web for everything in between.  I will admit I haven’t done my research, but has anyone looked into who this Butch guy really is or if he really exists?

Ron has since publicly apologized to me on his Scifake site for being harsh and shortly after even claimed to be “smelling the roses” and moving on now. When I asked a gentleman who has had a few dealings with Mr. Tebo and seems to know what this man is all about, he summed it up nicely. He said, Ron is like a hornet, he stirs the pot and then runs and hides before he gets stung. Is this what he’s doing? His website Scifake is still going on, Is Ron now hiding behind a different screen name while still shoving his poison down people’s throats? Or has he truly had a change of heart and left his pathetic, load mouth, obnoxious, judgmental parasite of an “assistant” to take over?  If you don’t already know, she sounds like Ron himself and is another person trying to jump on any bandwagon that MAY give her an ounce of recognition. Oh she’s been recognized alright, just not for what I think she was hoping for. This woman gives trash a bad name. I’ve also noticed his buddy over at Eye on the Paranormal has taken over the same pathetic article claiming I was in turmoil when our experiences took place. He takes it one step further and says I admit I was or am having personal issues. Really? That’s news to me. The only discussions I’ve ever had with this man from what I recall are his emails to me trying to get dirt on Dwayne and I had already told him that I didn’t have any. NO, Dwayne, Nor Jackie, Nor anyone else tried to brainwash me other than Scifake. Nobody mentioned the devil or an occult in any way shape or form. And as I said before there is A LOT you DON’T know.  He also goes on to talking about the evidence HE’S NEVER SEEN and says there isn’t anything demonic about it. The only people who have seen the REAL evidence is Animal Planet, Dwayne Claud, Jackie and the CVAPI team and my family. But that is fine, I hope he get’s whatever he’s looking for out of it. He atleast had the decency to leave my kids detailed abuse out of it unlike Ron.  And so the saga continues.. or does it?

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